The Mission of Achieva Rehab is on par with most rehabilitation companies...we all believe in the power of evidence based programs designed to improve or recover physical function that has been lost or otherwise diminished by trauma, surgery, disease etc. With Achieva Rehab, we focus on the little things. Enjoy the little things in life because someday you will look back to realize they were the big things. It is this philosophy that drives Achieva Rehab in working with patients through the course of their rehab as well as after their successful outcomes are reached. Improvements in balance, strength, physical comfort, reduction in pain are all essential to recovery but the end result is the improvement in enjoyment and quality of life. Improved quality of life is our ultimate goal.

Achieva Rehabilitation

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies

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We provide compassionate rehabilitative services based on solving problems...those of the patients, and those of our partners. Our strategy is value-oriented and designed to focus on solutions, rather than numbers...Click above for info.

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New Patients

Achieva Rehab offers complete therapy clinic services for diagnosing, treating and improving problems related to: Post Operative CareBalance Disorders/DizzinessCognitive DisordersSpeech / Language DisordersOrthopedic InjuriesNeurological InjuriesJob Related InjuriesPain SyndromesSports Related Injuries

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Sometimes life is really hard…we help you get back to easier times. Get back your balance. Get back your strength. Get back your physical comfort. Get back your quality of life. Get back to easier times.

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"Anything that is asked of them is NEVER a problem. They quickly take care of requests for staff and residents. Their department is the best run department in the building." Amanda C., Nursing Supervisor

"Daily and effective communication is amazing. They work so well with the facility staff and residents. The residents know the company and they trust the owners and staff." Heather K., Administrator

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