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Who Benefits Most from Our Discovery Visit?

Our Discovery Visits where We Visit You at Your Home or our other Discovery Option, our Visit via Video (Telehealth) are for people who are looking for solutions and just need more information.  🛒

Joel J. Digris, Owner      

🤔  You may be wondering what Physical Therapy is and might have an idea, but, don't really know how our brand of PT could help you.

🤔  You're skeptical about physical therapy because it was never the number one thing that your doctor wanted you to do and you wonder why?


🤔  You are still wishing that you'd find someone who works with people like you everyday and has had great results


🤔  You are simply searching for a solution to your problem and you thought "What the hell, I'll give them 20 minutes to convince me that they can help" 

🤝🏻  Basically, it is our simple way of getting to know each other.

Just like you would never marry someone after the first date, we realize that you need some time to develop trust with us and that actually makes our job easier.  😉


We Hope You Can Be Another Success Story for

Achieva Rehabilitation...

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