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"Has Your Doctor Ever Told You WHY You Have Poor Balance or Falls?

Did They Fail to Tell You That You Can Fix Your Balance? Or Do They Just Tell You That It's "Normal" As You Get Older and You Have to "Slow Down?"

Joel J. Digris, Physical Therapist has become an authority on balance and fall prevention as it has been his passion for over 20 years.  He has helped hundreds of people just like you.  He is excited to have an opportunity to help you help yourself in our "Do It Yourself Balance & Mobility Coaching Program."

Because of the way healthcare in America operates, Joel's teaching, advice and expertise was only ever consulted after his clients had several falls or were having balance problems for a long time. 


The best option is to prevent problems from getting out of hand and to learn to maintain a very high level of balance longterm.  The "Do It Yourself Balance & Mobility Coaching Program" teaches you how!

One secret to lifelong mobility and independence is good balance and Joel simply wants to teach you how to do it yourself.  And, yes, you can do it CAN learn how to do it from Joel.  And the program is always customized to your specific needs.  This is not a generic's built for you!

Want Help and Advice Now?  Text or Call Us: 1-888-929-7677

Our Great Fortune is Knowing We've Impacted People's Lives in

Very Positive Ways.  Here are a Few Examples of Our Great Clients...,-76.1511085,17z_data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!14m5!1m4!2m3!1sCh,-76.1511085,17z_data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!14m5!1m4!2m3!1sCh

Benefits of The "Do It Yourself Balance & Mobility Coaching Program"

1. You will learn WHY you are having poor balance or experiencing falls.  Finally, someone will take the time to teach you in terms that you will easily understand just exactly what is happening within your body and your balance system that is causing you to lose your balance and mobility.

2.  You will get a custom assessment with proven methods to determine just how well your balance system is currently working so that we can have strong evidence later on to show your progress as you go along with your custom program.

3.  You get a custom exercise program that you can do safely on your own at home or with the assistance of a family member as needed for safety.  We know that most people don't include exercise in their day and part of the reason is that they don't have a great understanding about "what" exercises to do or "why" they are doing them.  You will learn exactly what to do and how to monitor the fine details and you will more importantly learn exactly what is happening positively in your body when you are performing the exercises consistently.

4.  You will get whatever level of support you need in order to make this work for you.  We will always be available to you to make sure that your customized "Do It Yourself Balance & Mobility Coaching Program" is more than successful.

Most Importantly, You Will Regain Confidence that

Your Balance Will Be There When You Need It...For Years to Come!

A Message From Joel J. Digris, PT, Passionate Balance & Mobility Physical Therapist:

I've taken decades of experience developing successful methods to help people improve their balance and mobility one patient at a time.  It was always AFTER their balance had gotten really bad OR they were already falling on a regular basis.  It's a broken system.  Why wait until something is broken to address the problem?  It makes little sense.

We go to the dentist before our teeth become unhealthy.  We fix holes in our roofs before disaster happens.  We have security systems to protect our belongings.  But, when it comes to our body, we aren't proactive.  This program will PREVENT rather than FIX big time problems. 

If you've been suffering and worrying about poor balance and falls and your life has changed because of it, this program is for you.

If you are the family member of a loved one struggling with poor balance, this program is for you.  

If you've been led to think that there is nothing that you can do to for your balance except live with it, slow down or take it easy, please consider learning more about this program.

I have made it a personal mission to help those struggling to understand how the balance system works, understand that there are things that can be done to significantly improve, and understand what to do longterm.  I'm passionate about helping people just like you and I hope you are able to see that.  You WILL see that when you work with me.

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If You Are Anything Like Me, You Need to Know How Much This Will Cost You.

Am I Right, or Am I Right?


In my opinion, the face value of something is the wrong way to look at things.  We need to determine the longterm value of something rather than just the number itself.  And honestly, I don't want this to come across as a sales pitch.  I just think it's a powerful way to think about "cost."


For example, $297 seems like a fairly low cost for something.  Right?

That is until you understand that $297 is the average daily cost of living in a "shared room" in a nursing home.  That factors out to $8910 per month or $108,405 per year.  Further, $165, a lower starting number.

That is until you understand that $165 is the average cost of daily aide care for a senior in their home.  That factors out to $4950 per month or $59,400 per year.  Finally, $30,700...a slightly higher number.

That is the average cost of a hospital stay and surgical repair of a hip fracture. $30,700

95% of hip fractures are due to a fall.


1 out of 4 people that fracture their hip from a fall will die within six months.

1 out of 3 people over the age of 65 fall each year.

2 out of 3 people who fall will fall again within six months. 

The "salesman" thing to do is to list out what you get and place some sort of random high "value" price on each and then "deeply discount" that price.  I'm just going to give you the honest costs of what you get with the program.  I hope you appreciate it and know that you aren't paying for my time.  You are paying for decades of knowledge and experience.

Session One:  This includes our initial meeting online to determine the root cause of your balance problems as well as prescribe you your "custom" exercise program. 

Session One Cost: $250

Sessions 2-5:  These are weekly follow up sessions to answer any questions and deeply review the exercises as they are performed to make sure that every little detail and nuance is perfect.

Session 2-5 Cost:  $150 each

12 Weeks of Emails to answer your questions as you continue on in the process.

Cost: FREE

Optional Sessions requiring more detailed attention:

Cost: $150 each.


1. Why Should I Trust You?

Great Question!  I've been helping people face their balance problems and reduce their risk of falling during the activities that they need and want to participate in for over 20 years.  I am deeply against cookie cutter healthcare and believe that everyone has their own individual needs and that is what you get from this program.  I'd actually rather that you put more emphasis on what my past patients have said about me in their reviews... Click HERE to see what people are saying about our programs. 

2. Most people say you can't improve your balance and that includes my doctor.  Why do you say the opposite? 

Two ways to answer this question.  First, many doctors are part of this broken healthcare system and in their defense, they are overworked, especially primary care docs.  Our human nature is designed to follow patterns and although the healthcare system in America is broken, all of the processes follow a pattern and most doctors without even knowing it, follow that pattern.  There are more lectures and classes in med school on pills and imaging tests like MRIs and CT scans than there are about exercise and prevention.  And so, we do what we know and that also counts for some doctors. 


Secondly, when your friends and family have heard all of their lives that "old people" can't get better...they get weaker, have pain, fall, and it's all a "normal" part of aging, that's what your friends and family live by and that's unfortunate.  Fewer people know that balance problems are not normal because you are a senior and I would listen to those people.  Just like the ones who have gone through our programs and improved greatly.  

3. Is this physical therapy?  I can go to the local PT clinic and get physical therapy and my insurance will probably pay for it, right?

I am a Physical Therapist and a great deal of what we do is provide physical therapy in patient's homes and insurance does in fact pay for that.  And certainly if we begin this program together and you are more of a candidate for our In-Home PT program, we will move in that direction and our program will be paid by insurance.  And In-Home PT is a better way to provice PT because you get 2 to 3 times more one-on-one attention than you do at a PT clinic.  We determine that in Session One.  

However, as we all know, the healthcare system is broken partly because the insurance game is broken too.  So, insurance companies don't pay for prevention...even though it is proven in other countries to save them money in the long run.  So, if we start the program and we are working on preventing a high fall risk and teaching you how to help yourself witih your balance so that it doesn't get bad, insurers won't pay for that.  Silly, right?  It costs them much more in the end if you fall...let's not let them get a chance to actually do their job because they only do their job when you need something fixed.  Trust us, we will make the right decision.  If insurance will pay for this program, we will have them pay for it.  I promise.

We've Got Answers to Your Specific Questions.  This is a Custom Program.  Let's Talk and See if the Program is a Fit for You

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