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3 Doctors Said Surgery Was Her Only Option for Her Sciatica, But Today, She Feels Like A New Woman!

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By Sciatica Physical Therapist, Joel Digris

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Ever feel as if you are trapped by pills or the recurring feeling that surgery is the only thing that will help your stabbing sciatic pain go away after all this time?

Because I see people just like you everyday, I can you tell there’s probably no more disruptive form of back pain.  😨

Sometimes you can’t sit. Sometimes you can’t stand. Sometimes you can’t walk or drive. Or even lie in bed.

The pain is simply all you can think about.

A little while ago, someone called us to help because her life was miserable.

She was afraid and tried almost everything and nothing worked...

Her Story Actually Led To Me Trying To Find More People Like Her So That We Could Help Them...

And That's Why You Are Here.

The biggest problem that I see is this:

🤔  Sciatica is a is not a cause of is a symptom of the cause of the pain....let me be clear. 


Sciatica is not a diagnosis!

If you are being seen by a doctor and they tell you that you have diagnosis, they are only revealing a small part of the puzzle.  

They are holding information back or don't really know what else to tell you...not intentionally, it's just the way it is sometimes.

🤔  Think of it this way...part of the worry is NOT KNOWING WHAT'S WRONG!

The doctor tells you that you have "sciatica" and you actually feel better emotionally with less worry simply because they "diagnosed" you and at least you don't have to worry about all the other stuff you were thinking about that might be causing your stabbing pain.

👨‍⚕️  So, what's next?  Your doctor prescribes pills for the "inflammation" and you put all the faith in the world that you now have your answers...only to realize months later that your answers were to the wrong questions.

The Reality is The Healthcare System Puts You on The Same Path as ALL Other "Sciatica" Sufferers Because That's The Way It's Always Been.

Months later at your follow up, not much has changed.

Your doctor actually may even start thinking that you simply just don't want to get better.

Certainly, if not sooner, an MRI and a Surgical Consultation is coming down the pike...we see this all the time!

Doctor > Pills > MRI > Surgical Consult > More Pills and Time > Surgery Consult #2

Your "Sciatica" diagnosis was an easy way to send you home with something so that your initial worries would be calmed, but, nothing worked!  Why?

Nobody Actually Found The "Root Cause" of Your "Sciatica" Pain.  What is The REAL Diagnosis?

🤔  Here is a very quick study on Sciatica 101...

Sciatica is the term that describes symptoms of pain that begins in the lower back and extends down through your butt, thigh, and sometimes as far as your foot.

Mostly likely, that tingling or painful sensation going down your leg is caused by a problem higher up in your spine… such as:

  • A disc irritating, compressing or choking a nearby nerve...

  • A joint at the back of a vertebra which is twisted a bit...

  • A strained back muscle that doesn't want you to move and is painfully squeezing a nearby nerve…

You can appreciate how much work it can be to accurately diagnose the root problem. Even with technology like MRIs.

Which is why most doctors feel they’re doing the best they can with the resources available.

That’s why I prefer to take a more self-directed, holistic approach to fixing sciatica.

Trust me, primary care physicians are way overworked and way underpaid..we get it...we even put together a thank you campaign for them a few years ago.

But, that doesn't make YOU feel any better unfortunately.

Before We Continue, We Know You Need A Solution Just Like The Patient Below. 


We are Offering A Virtual Assessment through Our Online PT Program.  

It's A Visit Via Video and It Works Great!

Click Below Before You Continue Reading To Sign Up So We Can Get You On The Schedule Soon..

Dealing With Throbbing Stabbing Sciatic Pain? 

So...How is Achieva Rehabilitation Going To Help You After All This Time and Trying Many Things That Just Didn't Work?


Read Through The Review of The Woman We Talked About Earlier In This Page Before We Answer..  

Dower Review for Back Pain LP Transparen
Dower Review for Back Pain LP Transparen

So the next question is:

“How Can Choosing to See a Physical Therapist at Achieva Rehab Help You Get Rid of Your Pain - In The Next Few Days?”

Here’s just a few of the things our Physical Therapy Team can do for you:

☑️  We can let you know what the true ROOT cause of your problem is and why it's causing your "sciatica" so you can have peace of mind starting with the FIRST SESSION (The Initial Evaluation Or Even The Discovery Visit).

☑️  We will tailor-make your program around you, your ambitions, your wants, what you truly want to get back to doing. We will be RELENTLESS to achieve this, and WE WILL NOT STOP until you tell us. We will NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!

☑️  We can help progress your program so that YOU learn how to treat yourself. That is why this is a journey, not a quick fix. Improving your pain is a step-by-step process that requires persistence, consistency, and work. Are you ready?

☑️  We can help take away the nervousness and concern that you've felt about your "sciatica" getting worse.  Imagine the feeling of walking around in your community and NOT worrying about your throbbing leg pain.

☑️  We will help you understand your problem and we will provide you with the right advice and proper exercises that will speed up your recovery.

☑️  We can help you get back to enjoying quality time with family and friends that the worry of your "sciatica" has stolen from you.

Basically, we can help you get back to living life, free from chronic sciatica pain and full of JOY!

Because that is WHY You've Made It This Far Into This Page...How We Do It Is Not Important.  Just Know That We See People Like You Every Day Who Are Just Like "Joanne" Above...

We Look Forward to Helping You..Give the Current Concerns with Coronavirus, Let's Start with An Online PT Assessment..and It's Currently FREE!

Learn More About Our Online PT Services By Clicking Below:  

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