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Patient Profiles - success stories with achieva rehab

     Mary grew up in New Jersey and was heavily influenced by her grandmother, who was an osteopathic physician.  That influence led Mary to prioritize her physical, spiritual, and intellectual health...all qualities that served her well as Valedictorian of her nursing class and eventually as a nurse serving our amazing veterans.  

     When Mary began with Achieva Rehab, her osteoarthritis left her with limited tolerance to upright activity as well as great difficulty in propelling her wheelchair throughout the assisted living facility.  She had fallen multiple times while transferring, secondary to weakness and pain in her legs.  Her belief in exercise and her faith and ever-positive attitude was vital to her rehab, and at the time of discharge, she was able to transfer independently and safely and she now gets around in her wheelchair with less difficulty.  We have great admiration for this wonderful woman and thank her for her service.

Patient Profiles - success stories with achieva rehab

     Our inaugural success story is Lou.  Engaging, smart, caring, music lover would be a few descriptors for Lou.  We will always remember the requests for Prokofiev on Spotify and the spirited discussions about the political race of 2016 in the gym. Lou had a heart attack with open heart surgery in November of 2015.  He also has severe arthritis in his hip. When he began with Achieva Rehab, he was able to walk with a walker about 150 feet and needed assistance getting out of bed and chairs.          I'm amazed that this even happened, but, through Lou's hard work and determination, when he was discharged from therapy, he was able to walk with two canes independently between a mile and a mile and a half!! What?? That is just amazing!  Great man.  Great result.  It was a true pleasure to work with Lou and we wish him all the luck in the world.  

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