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Physical Therapy....Get it?

What is Physical Therapy??? "The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge." Thomas Berger. Why should I take these pills every day? Why should I exercise regularly? Why should I stop smoking? We all know there is a reason to take the prescription. We all know that we should exercise. We all know that smoking is unhealthy. But, do we really know WHY? What does that pill actually do in my system that makes it necessary? What does exercise do to my body and mind that makes it necessary? What happens when I smoke on a regular basis? A true understanding can lead to action. Of all those topics, in recent years, the reasons for not smoking have become much more understood because of the great works of and their commercials and publications. People are now aware of what smoking really does to the body, and there has been an action as a result...a great drop in smoking in this country.

As a profession, physical therapy has been around since the early 1900's, and yet, most folks are likely to have a mere fraction of an understanding of what "PT" really is. Often times, we as a society are not proactive enough with things that are really important. It took way too long for someone to really educate the public about the perils of smoking. Let this be my little attempt at being proactive regarding the benefits of physical therapy.

Physical therapy is simple. You have a problem that hinders your quality of life and we have a solution for that problem. Get it? Not so fast....the profession is very complicated at times and much more far reaching than most understand. When people hear physical therapy, one of two things pops to mind. 1. The young athlete who gets injured and is referred for physical therapy in the facility filled with "gym equipment." OR 2. An elderly woman or man walking with a walker with a therapist at their side guiding them. While both scenarios exist in PT, they are only a fraction of what we can do.

And now, the boring list of conditions that can be successfully treated in physical prepared to say "WOW!" Just kidding...If you would like to really find out the conditions that we are educated to treat, you can start here:

Frankly, it would be easier to make a list of physical conditions that WE DON'T TREAT. But, here are a few examples of things that may be a surprise. I love treating people with the number two complaint among physician visits...dizziness!! Yes, we love patients that are dizzy...we can really help. Alongside of that, are people that fall frequently...there are many reasons for falls, but, we can help find out why and fix it. Have a wound? Let us take a shot at it...a lot of physical therapists are well versed in wound healing. Urinary Incontinence? WHAT?!? Yes, it's recent times, PTs have become specialized in treating urinary incontinence.

You see...the body has over 600 muscles, over 200 bones, over 900 ligaments, 22 square feet of skin, ONE BRAIN AND ONE HEART....Physical therapists rely on the brain and the heart in everything that we do. We have a great understanding of all those bones and muscles, how they work, what happens when they aren't working properly, and the interventions needed to promote healing so that the patient experiences improved quality of life...THE BRAIN. We also have compassion and know how to work with each individual patient in order to succeed as a team...THE HEART.

We evaluate you from a small scale and a big scale..we look closely at the body part that is causing the problem and we determine how it affects everything you need to do and love to do on a daily basis. At that point, we dive into our knowledge base to implement a plan that is individualized. We take into account not only the structure that is flawed, but, also your personality, your wants and needs, your support system, your learning style, your experiences, your hobbies, your family and roll out a plan that is designed to help you get back your quality of life. We can also do it in the comfort of your own home!! WHY are we doing this? WHY are we doing that? No need to ask will know WHY we are doing everything we are doing for you.

What is Physical Therapy? Will anyone really know the answer? We are problem solvers. We believe in what we do. We just need you as the patient to believe it as well. Then, we can get to work!! I sincerely hope this information is helpful. Be well!

Please call for a free consultation: 1-888-929-7677

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