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We Are Glad You've Chose To Take Advantage of Our Virtual Educational Session About What to Expect from Your Total Knee Replacement.  It's Literally FREE, Literally No Strings, Literally Fun and Exciting For Us To See People Get Great Outcomes!

Your friends talked to you and your surgeon gave you some materials to read.  But, neither of those groups spend more time with you than your Physical Therapist...If you are taking a flight, you don't want your friend or the mechanic flying the plane..Let us help you! 
☑️  We will talk about your biggest concerns and worries and let you know what to expect.
☑️  We will teach you how important it is to work on your strength and flexibility BEFORE the surgery.
☑️  We will teach you our #1 trick to getting your knee to bend as well as it can faster than any other method.
☑️  We will answer all questions and maybe have a little fun getting to know each other.


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