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Attention: To Those Suffering With Poor Balance, Falls, or Dizziness and Vertigo

FREE Balance/Dizziness/Fall Prevention Workshop OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

"New Balance and Dizziness Workshop Reveals The Secrets To Getting Back To The Activities You Love Without The Fear of Falling That Scares You Half To Death..."

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Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 2020

2:00 P.M.

Luther Ridge @ Seiders Hill

Assisted Living Facility

160 Red Horse Rd.

Pottsville, PA 17901

Or Call 1-888-929-7677 To Register

Go to the Balance and Fall Prevention 

Workshop and Learn:

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The Simple Way To Understand Our Complex Balance System and How An Organ The Size of a Dime Could Cause So Many Problems For You...​

The #1 Biggest Mistake People Suffering With Balance Problems Make Which Actually Makes You More Likely To Fall...

The Secrets To Regaining Better Balance That Very Few People Know About...

Three Simple Exercises That You Can Start Right Away To Help Reduce Your Risk of Falling Again

Who Is This Workshop For?

We developed our Balance / Dizziness and Fall Prevention Workshop to help elderly people suffering from poor balance, a great fear of falling, or dizziness and vertigo. 


The Workshop is also for people who know a loved one, mother or father, aunt or uncle, or personal friend who is falling or is afraid to do things because they might fall.  If this sounds like you, and you want to get back to enjoying life without fear, this workshop being held at Luther Ridge @ Seiders Hill in Pottsville, PA is for you! 

Or Call 1-888-929-7677 To Register

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Or Call 1-888-929-7677 To Register

What Do Others Have To Say About The Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop?


“I had vertigo for several years now and had been receiving therapy at another local PT office. Last year, however, the therapist was unable to restore my ability to function to a high enough degree that I felt comfortable doing daily routine activities. When I learned about  Achieva, I was anxious to have Joel become my therapist. .  I would continue to do the old and new exercises twice a day faithfully and had great results."


Having experience with therapy in a traditional gym, I greatly prefer the Achieva Rehab in-home model because of the One-on-One relationship.  With Achieva, I get undivided attention as well as a much better understanding of my home exercise program, because it was taught to me exactly where I need to perform it.”


“Achieva was truly top notch! I have participated at other physical therapy facilities using fancy machines. Achieva is different. They use what you have in your home, so that you can function in your everyday life. You will not find anyone with more knowledge, compassion or perseverance. “


We have had the pleasure and privilege of having Achieva Rehabilitation come to our home for my husband. They are kind, knowledgeable, professional and caring…

We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out.

Or Call 1-888-929-7677 To Register

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