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In-Home Physical Therapy is Simply A Better Way to Help People Find A Path to Enjoying Their Life Again!

Elderly older adult senior citizens enjoying their life as they've experienced amazing results from in-home physical therapy with Achieva Rehabilitation

We Help You Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better by Giving You Our Undivided Attention with No DistractionsTrue Outpatient Physical Therapy in Your HomeSimply A Better Way!

If you are an older adult or family or friend of an older adult, you know that deep down inside, there is the heart and soul of an active, independent person.  Their fortune of living into their "Golden Years" has left them with the misfortune of developing some "rust" on that gold. 

We believe that you can get better at any age.  We believe that struggling to take care of yourself is never a "natural" part of aging.  We believe that people who are considered "old" by society's standards are rarely given a chance to remain active and mobile because they are deemed fragile. 
Not so fast!! 
Achieva Rehab's In-Home Physical Therapy Program was developed by Joel Digris, physical therapist, to prove one thing - folks in their "Golden Years" can thrive no matter what they've been through.  Every human has a top-end potential, a ceiling of sorts. 

The therapists with Achieva Rehab are pushing seniors to meet that potential every day, helping them ease the worry of losing independence and mobility.  My mother always said:  "Better days ahead".  No matter what your age or problem, there are better days ahead with Achieva Rehab. 

You can find our amazing therapists in homes in Schuylkill County, Luzerne County, and Carbon County as well as at Heritage Mills Personal Care in Tower City.

Joel J. Digris, MSPT, Owner received his Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University in 1997. Joel was born and raised in Schuylkill County, and is blessed with a beautiful wife and four beautiful daughters.  

As a physical therapist, he is guided by his education, experience, and evidence based interventions.  As a business owner, Joel has an immeasureable desire to excel in serving the community and the patients of Achieva Rehab.  Joel treats and manages our central region which covers all of Schuylkill County and bordering areas.


Joel enjoys music, plays guitar and drums, loves basketball and football, is intrigued by obstacle races and has competed in Reebok Spartan races but now his workout time is spent chasing his children.  In addition, he enjoys graphic design, although he will always admit, from an amateur's perspective. Ever an entrepreneur, his first endeavor was selling licorice to his classmates on a grade school bus trip. 

Joel Digris, Owner of Achieva Rehabilitation
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