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Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Makes a Difference Before, During and After Joint Replacement - Get The Best Outcome With Achieva Rehabilitation's In-Home Physical Therapy Program

Before Surgery:

When you’re undergoing joint replacement, whether it’s for a hip or a knee or shoulder, physical therapy plays a critical role in every stage of the process. 


  • Ideally, your outcome begins BEFORE you get to the OR.  All candidates for replacement should begin a series of physical therapy exercises even before their surgery. 


  • They should also attend a preoperative education meeting to learn about their joint replacement, which we now do virtually and offer absolutely FREE.           During this class, patients learn what to expect during their hospital stay, how to prepare their home for their return, what their family members should expect, and what to do before their surgery. 

  • An important part of giving yourself the best chance at an amazing outcome where you can get back to the things you love to do is to begin exercising before surgery. 

  • It’s important to be as fit as possible before undergoing a joint replacement.  Each patient receives instructions that include a set of exercises in addition to information that helps prepare them for their surgery and recovery.

  • Most exercises focus on stability around the joint or the muscles that will help them when getting up from a chair.  A Physical therapist will demonstrate the proper technique for many of the exercises. 

  • They also help to familiarize family members and caregivers, who participate as postoperative “coaches,” with their responsibilities in helping to care for their loved ones after joint replacement.

During Surgery: 

We often suggest patients bring a friend or family member who acts as a coach.  This person helps the patient with their postoperative physical therapy that begins while the patient is still in the hospital. 


Following surgery, patients work with a physical therapist at the hospital to make sure they can get home safely.  And that's where the fun starts...

After Discharge Home:

Once a patient is discharged to home, we get them scheduled...all of the patients rehab is done at home.  Most people incorrectly think that they NEED to be seen in an outpatient brick and mortar clinic, but, when you've helped a patient get back to work in 3 weeks after a Total Knee Replacement like we have in our In-Home Program with Achieva Rehabilitation, we are able to argue fact, brick and mortar clinics with all that equipment don't offer you the same as un-distracted one-on-one PT visits for 60 minutes in your home.  This is from one of our past knee patients:

"I am so grateful for Achieva Rehab.  They took great care of me through two knee replacements.  It is so wonderful to do your rehab inyour own setting so that your program is tailored to the things that you need to do to be successful.  When I went to my surgeon for my 6 week check, he was amazed at how well I was doing - not even a can.  He was impressed with the quality of my rehab.  Thank you so much Joel and Jessica.  The couch stretch is still my mainstay to keep my knee functioning well."  LH


When you are choosing your provider for your recovery after your joint replacement, please ask yourself the following questions, so you can make the choice that is best for you.

1. How important is it for you to be the only focus of your physical therapy treatment session?

2. Will your therapist be spending an entire hour with you so that you can get the most appropriate education exactly when it's needed so that you will be certain that you are doing your exercises correctly?  Every little aspect of these exercises is don't want to risk doing it incorrectly because your therapist is away working with another patient.

3. How important is it for you to use gym equipment?  Have you been working out in a gym recently and need to get back to it?  If so, that might be something to prioritize. But if you've not been working out with traditional gym equipment, you simply don't need it to have an amazing outcome.  All you need is a great team, trust, and your body and your home. 

4. How important is it for your therapy provider to have great reviews from past patients in order to convince you of the quality of their care and more importantly their outcomes?  Please see our reviews on this page:  Click HERE.

5. Will your therapist be available at all times by phone if you have a simple question?  By the way, we offer that because we don't want you to take chances at possibly doing something wrong or ineffective.  Honestly, call us with any questions you have.

6. Are you more comfortable in your own home or driving to a clinic in questionable weather, sitting in a waiting room, and working out in a gym full of strangers?  Which is your preference?

We know these are leading questions...they are meant to purposely make you think of what you are actually getting from your therapy provider...we do it simply because we want to be that provider...we have a strong desire to help you recover and get your absolute best outcome from your replacement surgery.

And frankly, we have a great track record with knees, hips, and shoulders after joint replacement.  Our one-on-one attention to detail and focus on you only is vastly more important than anything you can do at a traditional outpatient clinic.  Because those clinics have to worry about paying for the building and utilities to run the business, they have to schedule multiple patients at once...that's not an advantage. 

Let us help you before your surgery and after your surgery.  We want to be with you the entire way until you are ready to get back to doing what you want comfortably.  Check out these other success stories from some of our joint replacement patients:

"Heather Graham and Crystal Minnick were assigned to me for my total knee replacement in-home physical therapy. They were absolutely amazing and got me be back to almost 100% in two months. They explained all the exercises and stressed how important it was to keep up the routine even on my off days. I was released today and my knee feels great. I am so appreciative of their help and support. I would totally recommend them without hesitation."




"You can't go wrong with Achieva Rehabilitation! When I had shoulder surgery in August, I needed PT the next day (Saturday). One call to Achieva prior to surgery and Joel was here Saturday morning. The convenience of having in-home PT was nothing short of remarkable. Joel was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and very informative. Time was never an issue and he would spend as much time with me as needed. He would also call and text me to see how I was progressing with the exercises in between sessions. I cannot say enough about Achieva. They were wonderful. I highly recommend them!"

- Bill



"I am so grateful for Achieva Rehab. They took great care of me through 2 knee replacements. It is so wonderful to do your rehab in your own setting so that your program is tailored to the things that you need to do to be successful. When I went to my surgeon for my 6 week check he was amazed at how well I was doing—not even a cane. He was impressed with the quality of my rehab. Thank you so much Joel and Jessica. The couch stretch is still my mainstay to keep my knee functioning well."



"I highly recommend Achieva Rehabilitation! Joel and Larry were professional, personal and caring in the rehab process following my total knee replacement surgery. It was very convenient to have one on one care without having to leave my home. They made the process as easy and pleasant as it could possibly have been. I would, without hesitation, recommend Achieva to anyone in need of quality rehab. In fact, they will be helping me rehab my second knee replacement very soon! Great company and staff!"


Speak With A Board Certified Specialist Today!


Are you considering or already scheduled for a knee, hip, or shoulder replacement and you'd like to know what to expect and then be set up for your therapy after surgery so you don't have to worry?

If you answered “Yes”, you should call us and make an appointment to see one of our qualified Physical Therapists. We will interview you, find out your problem, lay out the customized plan for you and work with you personally one-on-one in your own home with no distractions

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