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True Outpatient Physical Therapy in Your Home
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Who We Treat with our In-Home Physical Therapy Program


At Achieva Rehabilitation, we specialize in providing personalized in-home physical therapy to address a wide range of physical ailments. Our mobile physical therapy services are designed to help patients recover and improve their quality of life right in the comfort of their own homes. Here’s a detailed look at the types of patients we help and the real-world limitations they face.

Whether you've fallen and are now scared to go out to dinner with friends, or you are a once busy grandparent who struggles to have the strength to play with children on the floor, or you've been planning that hip or knee replacement so that you can get back to golfing, or if you just want to be able to live safely and competently in your own home, the Achieva Rehabilitation In-Home Physical Therapy Program is Simply A Better Way!

Conditions We Treat


  • Joint Replacements: Patients recovering from knee, hip, or shoulder replacements often struggle with mobility and performing everyday activities. Our in-home physical therapy focuses on regaining strength and flexibility, enabling them to manage stairs, walk in the park, and resume hobbies like gardening and golf.

  • Sprains and Strains: Individuals dealing with acute or chronic sprains and strains face pain and limited movement. Our physical therapy at home helps them manage pain and restore function, allowing them to participate in family outings and social activities comfortably.


  • Back Pain and Sciatica: Chronic back pain and sciatica can severely limit one’s ability to move comfortably. Our home-based physical therapy includes targeted exercises and manual therapy techniques to alleviate pain, making daily tasks like grocery shopping or playing with grandchildren easier.

  • Neurological Conditions: Patients with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis often struggle with balance and coordination. Our in-home rehab services include specialized exercises to improve stability and confidence, making it safer for them to move around their homes and communities.

  • Balance and Falls: Older adults at risk of falls due to poor balance benefit greatly from our balance and vestibular therapy. This specialized care focuses on improving balance and preventing falls, enabling patients to move confidently around their homes and engage in activities they enjoy.

Real-World Limitations


Many of our patients encounter challenges such as:

  • Difficulty Climbing Stairs: We provide exercises that strengthen the legs and improve balance, making stair navigation safer and easier.

  • Limited Mobility: Whether it's walking in the park, shopping, or participating in social gatherings, our therapy aims to enhance overall mobility.

  • Gardening and Outdoor Activities: For those who love gardening or spending time outdoors, we tailor exercises to improve flexibility and strength, allowing them to enjoy these activities without pain.

  • Social Participation: Our goal is to reduce pain and improve function so patients can comfortably participate in family outings, social events, and recreational activities like golfing or dancing.

Specialized Care for Mobility Disorders


Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis: Patients with Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis face unique challenges, including mobility disorders, muscle stiffness, and balance issues. Our elderly physical therapy at home is tailored to address these specific needs through exercises that improve movement, reduce stiffness, and enhance coordination.

Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy

  • Personalized Attention: Our one-on-one sessions ensure that each patient receives the dedicated care they deserve without distractions.

  • Convenience: Our in-home physical therapy eliminates the need for travel, providing treatment in a familiar and comfortable environment.

  • Improved Outcomes: By focusing on functional activities and using the patient’s home environment, we help them achieve better recovery outcomes because we can spend 2 to 3 times more time on one patient.

At Achieva Rehabilitation, our mission is to provide high-quality, compassionate care that helps patients regain their independence and improve their quality of life. For more information on our in-home physical therapy services, please email us today to schedule an appointment.

People Love Our In-Home Physical Therapy Program

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