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Inquisitive Are You? FAQs for Our Online PT Program.

You've got questions..we've got answers! Wait! You've got answers...we've got questions! 🤔

Jeopardy always confused me...anyway, a lot of people are contacting us with these same questions about our brand new "Online PT" program and how it works and more importantly how it can help them as much as our "In-Home PT" program. So, we've compiled the FAQs and hope this helps you to want to reach out if you are having some difficulty due to pain, dizziness, poor balance, or mobility concerns. You don't have to wait for the world to re-open to get the help you need.

🤔  Here is how Telehealth works…

✔️  As long as you have internet service, it's literally as easy as turning on your phone, your tablet, or your computer and clicking on a few buttons.  You see us and we see and hear you just like we would if we were together in your home. 

✔️  Each session will last about 30 minutes-60 minutes depending on your specific needs and the quality of life outcomes we are moving towards. During the session we will get an update on your progress and move your program ahead just like in a normal PT session.  We will have you go through your exercises with 1-on-1 instruction and correction if needed.  And of course, upgrade as able.

✔️  The treatment will be conducted using a simple video system on your phone, your tablet, or your computer.  Our program uses

🤔  Will you help me find out if my insurance will pay for this?

☑️  Please message us here or fill out the form from the button below for your FREE FIRST ONLINE PT SESSION and we will contact your insurance company to get your detailed benefits.  With the current times, most insurance companies have approved this program without question.​

🤔  Can I use my laptop or an iphone or ipad?

☑️  We've been using our Online Physical Therapy Program with many different devices with our patients.  This includes all types of laptops, computers, ipads, iphones, android devices.  As long as you have internet, we are 99.9% sure it will work.  The only thing we are more certain of is that you will get better!

🤔  Will I need equipment?

☑️  Our program rarely requires equipment.  You should set up in a room with a comfortable amount of space to move, comfortable clothes and we will figure out the rest.

🤔  Will this work with people like me? I'm a little skeptical...

☑️  Studies support what we've seen... great results with patient with pain, dizziness or vertigo, mobility challenges from movement disorders, balance issues, joint replacement.  We will be able to determine your likelihood of success during the FREE FIRST ONLINE PT VISIT.

🤔  I'm sure that I will have questions...can I call you to get quick answers?

☑️  Our biggest policy is our Grandma Standard, meaning that we are going to treat you with the same care and advice and attention that we would give to our own Grandma.  So, anytime Grandma calls, we answer...same with you.  We are available at 1-888-929-7677 before you start, during your time with us, and after you meet your goals.

🤔  How can you help me get better if you don't have equipment?

☑️  We have never needed equipment.  You get better because you care more about your health than being in a gym with fitness equipment.  Our experience in our In-Home PT Program has proven 100s of times that our teaching, assessment, and education are way more valuable than gym equipment.  See what our past patients have to say to support our methods...We always think their words are more important that what we say anyway...Click HERE.

🤔  Technology scares me...Can I actually do this?

✔️  The resounding answer is a definite "YES".  If you can check email, use facebook or Google on your device, our brand of Online Physical Therapy is EASY to manage!

We've got more information on how this works on our dedicated page. Click HERE to learn more about our "Online PT" Program or take the easy, old-school route and give us a call at 1-888-929-7677.

Hope you are very well!

Joel J. Digris, Owner

Achieva Rehabilitation

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