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Man vs. Machine...Unfair fight.

Look at this picture...a rehab gym full of state of the art equipment...that's terrific!! Now, go to google and type in "how to choose a physical therapist" and see how many machines pop up into the discussion. That's not by chance. It's a has proven that we therapists don't need modern machinery to rehabilitate our patients. If your therapist is creative enough, and place great value in the human aspect of rehab, successful rehabilitation is possible in most environments....even within the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME!!

John Henry, the "Steel Driving Man" was said to have taken on a steam powered hammer in a race to dig holes in rock to aide in mining. John Henry won that match with only a rudimentary old hammer. Man wins.

The profession of physical therapy goes back before the 1900's but the history is better documented to have begun to rehabilitate wounded soldiers during WWI and more prominently WWII. Jack Lalanne invented exercise "machines" such as pulleys, smith machines, leg extension machines in the 50's, around the same time that treadmills were invented. I never thought I'd be the type that uttered the words "back in my day", but, let's consider that phrase....Physical therapists didn't need machines prior to 1950 and I can guarantee you that we don't need them now. Sure, they are great in certain ways for certain patient populations. But, the majority of patients in need can't even get out of their own home.....enter the creative therapist!

The NEW, BETTER WAY, is using the patient's home as the place of service. The education, experience, and creativity of a good therapist will always far outweigh the fancy, "state of the art" machinery in a big time rehab gym. Give me a handful of mobile treatment tools and the "tools" in the patient's home, and the team consisting of patient and therapist is on the way to successful outcomes.

So, when you or your physician think that it's essential to actually go to a rehab facility to get therapy, think again and rest easy in the fact that there are great therapists out there that want and NEED to help you when you can't help yourself...when you can't get to a therapy clinic....when you've declined and aren't doing well. Stay in your home, and let Achieva Rehab come to your home and turn it into the best therapy gym in town. Man wins!!!

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