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Can Nutrition Make A BIG Difference for People with Parkinson's Disease...Part 1

A BIG ole YES! is the correct answer. Let's start with the fact that science continues to learn more and more about the impact of gut health on a great deal of conditions in the human body. We've learned that treating your digestive system like a shiny new toy is extremely important. Yet, most of the American public chooses food because it satisfies the taste buds rather than fueling the incredibly complex machine that we live in...the human body.

An old friend of mine by the name of Hippocrates once said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." So, let's start with hydration. First and foremost – Hydration is necessary. You can’t get proper nutrients into your cells without proper hydration. Think of a glass of water as a stream that takes a kayak full of nutrition to your cells. You can’t make digestive enzymes or hormones…even if you eat properly, the nutrients are not properly making it into your body. And hormone problems can lead to anxiety and depression and the root problem with people with Parkinson's is their lack of Dopamine, a hormone. Dopamine needs a kayak and a river to get moving people!! Electrical signals in your brain are much less efficient at reaching their destination if not hydrated. And thus, movement is not optimized. Toxins build in your body that can’t be flushed out causing cells to be unhealthy!

Start your day with a glass of water as this is the time of day where your body is housing its highest concentration of toxins and is most dehydrated. Avoid Coffee, Tea, Soda and Alcohol... in excess. These can have a diuretic and dehydrating effect. Try to stick with one cup of coffee or tea in the morning (after your class of water, of course). Soda has no place in a healthy diet as it is full of toxic chemicals and inflammation producing sugars but if you are going to indulge do it very infrequently. For a more beneficial carbonated beverage, try LiveSoda.

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Be good!


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