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  • Joel J. Digris

How Does "Online PT" Work?

Whether you have pain, dizziness, poor balance, or mobility challenges in your home or community, physical therapy is a necessity to address those issues helping you work towards the outcome you desire.

With Online PT by Achieva Rehab, physical therapy is more accessible than ever. Get connected with a physical therapist on your smartphone or computer for quality, patient-centered care from anywhere.


As we all practice safe social distancing, remote care remains the best option for many PT patients. Comprehensive physical therapy evaluations are only a few "clicks" away with Achieva Rehab's Online PT Program.

You don’t need a prescription for physical therapy, and the convenience of our cornerstone program, out In-Home PT is simply carried out just a little differently with the same effectiveness.

Every telehealth visit with Achieva Rehab begins with a comprehensive evaluation. We talk to you in detail about your current life, your prior abilities, and the life you want to live. We talk about the reasons you are unhappy with how your issue (pain, dizziness, mobility challenges) is making you feel and what is important TO YOU. We then assess what is causing your main issue and develop a program that helps you cross that bridge from where you are to where you want to be...your desired outcome free from worry about pain, dizziness, or mobility challenges and free from the concern that you might get worse or even lose your independence.

When you participate in a Virtual Visit with Achieva Rehab, we are simply moving your PT form your Home to your Home-Screen and that doesn't change the quality of what we offer.

During your visit, your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation of your strength, range of motion and a functional analysis of the injured region on live, two-way video. Together, you will develop a comprehensive treatment program to address your needs.

Treatments will include exercises and stretches that can be completed at home under advisement of your physical therapist. Your physical therapist will walk you through your treatment plan, addressing any and all concerns. Follow-up virtual visits will be scheduled accordingly to monitor your progress. 

Signing up for Achieva Rehab's Online PT service is easy! Fill out a contact form on our website, and we will reach out to you shortly to collect all the necessary information. We will send you electronic forms to fill out in your email, and you’ll receive an email link to connect with your physical therapist! Achieva Rehab's Online PT program is compatible with Apples, Androids and computers/laptops. 

Right now, our Online PT program allows you to not wait to address your concerns before it's too late. Waiting another day may be like driving in the wrong causes you to take a longer trip to get to your destination. Get there sooner.

Joel J. Digris, Owner

Achieva Rehabilitation




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