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  • Joel J. Digris, MSPT, Owner Achieva Rehabilitation

Virtual PT Achieva Rehab...Same Outcomes / Different "Delivery". 😉

"What is your favorite pizza?" Everyone has their favorite pizza. Now, let's say you order that pizza on Monday and "Clarence" delivers it to you in a Cadillac. Then, let's say you order that pizza on Wednesday and "Clarence" delivers it to you in a Ford Pinto.

Disclaimer: "Clarence" is the delivery guy. And a Ford Pinto (an old entry model vehicle from the 80s) is probably aging me quite a bit right now. 👴🏻

But, I digress..the pizza is equally as delicious no matter how it was "delivered". It's still your favorite pizza, same quality, same consistency, same efforts by the pizza maker, so, it's the outcome that matters...a delicious meal that you enjoy immensely, regardless of how it was "delivered!" 🚗

What's my point? Achieva Rehab's In-Home PT Program has been so effective for so many people over the last five years. We changed the way some people think of the "delivery" of Physical Therapy. We have a legion of past patients who are proof that our brand of PT works amazingly well..dare I say, better than with brick and mortar PT.

Then comes the coronavirus. Ugh!! 😟

Many of you still struggle with pain, dizziness, poor balance, or mobility challenges even more now that you are all jailed in your own homes. You need a solution to those issues now more than ever. But, how do you get help if you can't even open your front door without the worry of being a statistic in this pandemic? As always, Achieva Rehab is finding ways to help!

Introducing our "Online PT" service. As you watch the news, you constantly see two, three, maybe even four boxes with reporters and guests in those boxes communicating in real time with each other. That is what our "Online PT" program is like.

If you can click on a link in your phone or tablet or computer, you and I can be in one of those boxes on your screen and we can communicate about your problem and find the solution to ease it or make it go away.

Worried that you may be losing your independence? Struggling to get up the stairs? Has it become a challenge to even take care of your home or yourself because you are getting dizzy and it's scary? Maybe you've fallen and are now sitting most of your day because you don't want it to happen again fearing you may need to go to a hospital during the pandemic?

The way we "deliver" PT doesn't matter..our brand of PT is built around education, training, assessment, monitoring, and using techniques and exercises that don't often require us to be in the same room.

For that reason, our "Online PT" Program is doing very well with people with dizziness, movement disorders, pain, or generalized weakness for other reasons. We are even setting up folks for after their elective surgeries get scheduled's very exciting.

Remember "Clarence?" If "Clarence" takes a wrong turn and goes in the wrong direction when "delivering" your pizza, it takes much longer to get there and the outcome is that the pizza is not as warm and delicious.

The same is true right now for the issues that you are dealing with...the longer you wait to address them, the longer it takes for you to reach the outcome you desire.

We would not choose a "delivery" method that wasn't proven to be effective to help you get to your outcome. So, I encourage you to reach out to us, check out our "Online PT" page for more information and answers to your questions. We are offering the first visit FREE to make sure that we can make it work with you and to give you the confidence to learn for yourself that it's the Achieva Rehab brand that matters most...not how it is "delivered."

For more information, don't hesitate to call or text: 1-888-929-7677 or visit

Be well!

Joel J. Digris, Owner

Achieva Rehabilitation


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