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  • Joel J. Digris, MSPT, Owner, Achieva Rehab

Can I take your order? A Physical Therapist Should Prioritize What YOU Want!

When you go out to a nice dinner, you should be asked WHAT YOU WANT or WHAT YOU NEED. You don't go out to a nice dinner to hear the manager go on and on about how great their restaurant is, how many awards the chef has won, or a detailed description of every single item on the exhaustive menu...that would be painful!!

So, why are healthcare professionals always pushing their credentials and all of the different types of treatments that they can provide, and letting you know how many letters that they can build up behind their name on their business cards? I once thought that it was vastly important to bombard clients with as many offerings as possible, with as many credentials as possible. Guess what? None of that matters. What really matters the most is what the CLIENT NEEDS.

Reaching out to patients in need should not be driven by how much the provider can puff out his or her chest or by how many studies they've read. All of those things are very important...taking care of our patients requires a great deal of education...the body is very complex. But, the emotions, the psychology, the family, the history of our patients is also integral in the development of a program that is effective in improving their quality of life, which is really why we professionals should exist.

Improving the quality of life of our patients requires us to dive into every aspect of their lives, not just the physical deficits that exist. This investigation leads us to implement a customized plan including many branches that leads to that one goal...improvement in quality of life. We like to think of our patients and thus, treatment plans, as two are the same.

Want an exhaustive list of what we can offer as a provider of physical, occupational, and speech therapy? Sure...we can get you that. First, we need you to tell us your fears, your pains, what concerns your family about how you are functioning. Tell us what you are missing in your life that you really want to get back. Tell us your goals.

Tell us what YOU want. Tell us what YOU need. We are ready to take YOUR order.

Please call anytime for a FREE CONSULTATION 1-888-929-7677

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