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  • Joel J. Digris, Owner, Aciehieva Rehab

Was healthcare better in black and white?

Color TV didn't arrive until the 1960s. MRI and CT scans came along in the 70s. Before this time, doctors made house calls and prescription medications were not the uber monopoly that is present today.

The reason for this blog is to revisit those good ole' days when doctors had more than five minutes with you, weren't being pulled in ten different directions by regulations and insurance requirements and limitations, and had the ability to focus on you and only you. Those were better times. Months ago, I did a series of short informational snippets on why primary care doctors are in an environment that doesn't lend to the patient having the best outcomes. I called it "Doc Holland did it better" because he was my doctor as a youth and he was there for you anytime, anywhere. Today, the system would restrict Doc Holland significantly...and that stinks. Today, the norm is to add pills, call a specialist, and get MRIs, CT scans etc.

But, I'm a physical therapist who owns a therapy company that provides In-Home Intensive PT sessions, and that's how Achieva Rehab is revisiting a better time. Our amazing therapists come to the patient's home to work one-on-one for 60 minutes of intensive interventions. Just the equipment we can bring to the home and our creativity and the patient's compliance...that's absolutely ALL WE NEED!!! It's a NEW, BETTER WAY TO REHAB that revisits an OLD, BETTER WAY to provide care to patients. I'm biased, but, it's awesome!

If you are reading this, we need your help to get the word out..we've got amazing results and incredible patient reviews documented but we need doctors out there to recognize that this is a great way to help their patients. Pass it along!! Thank you for reading.

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