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Would You Like to Walk on The Moon? Float in Mid-Air?

If you lived through the time when man first walked on the moon, you are also likely at an age where you would prefer the amount of gravity that exists on the moon versus here on earth. What I mean is that gravity may be causing you to lose your balance or even fall regularly. If this is the case, you certainly have a fear of those things occurring as you are very familiar with stories of tragedy after a loved one or friend has fallen. Broken bones, head trauma, hospitalizations and maybe nursing home placement...or worse. Yes, you can perish if you fall.

The gravity on the moon is 5 to 6 times weaker than here on earth. So, that means that if you were walking on the moon, you almost float and the risk of gravity actually pulling you down to the ground with significant force is not present. Here on earth however, gravity is pulling you down every split second of every single day and if your body is not ready for it at all times, you will fall.

So, how do we make sure your body is prepared to fight the constant effects of gravity? Well, let me tell you that it's much, much easier than trying to float in mid-air. But in all reality, when people improve their balance, and YES! you can improve your balance by a great degree, it feels much like the accomplishment of being able to float.

My recommendation to you is that you act early, very early. The first time you start to feel that your balance systems might be imperfect, you need to get physical therapy. It's the only thing that helps people improve their balance. Don't wait for a fall or several falls or close calls or your doctor to make a decision. Too many times in America, we wait until we are broken to get care that actually helps. Be proactive and figure out how to get yourself help. And did I mention that physical therapy is the only thing that can actually help people improve their balance and prevent falls?

You may never float in mid-air but if you can keep yourself on your feet and off of the floor or ground, it may feel just as good. And that's what we do...we are in the feel good business! Get physical therapy as soon as possible. Be proactive instead of reactive.

Struggling with Pain, Poor Balance, Weakness? Don't wait for something to happen to get help.

Physical Therapy is freakin' AWESOME! Take advantage of it...

We've proven to reduce need for meds, surgeries, injections, hospital stays. We help you stay in your home safe and mobile.

C'mon people!!!

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