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Your Life.. Do You Want Quality or Quantity? Or BOTH!

If you are 50 years old or older, I'd like to lay a foundation for your future, a future with more time living life to the fullest.

The average lifespan has gone up over time, currently to about 79 years. That means that we as humans are living longer. On average, from birth to death, we are experiencing 79 years of life.

But does that mean we are living for all of those 79 years? No. The problem is that as we've gained years in our lives, we've not gained life in our years. The period of time where we are able to be active and healthy remains at only 66 years. That is known as your "healthspan". This is the time in our lives where we are living free of chronic disease and age related deficits and pretty much able to enjoy our lives. The number of years relative to your healthspan has actually gone down. So, who wants to live longer only to suffer longer?

In general, Robert Harrington, MD, who is president of the American Heart Association (AHA) and chairman of the department of medicine at Stanford University, says there are a few stand-out reasons for the disparity between lifespan and healthspan. "More Americans are obese, have diabetes, and other chronic diseases than at anytime in recent decades," he says. "The onset of these diseases, in part influenced by social determinants of health, is occurring at younger ages, which means that many are at risk for having less optimal health for a larger portion of their overall lives." In other words, Americans are being diagnosed with chronic, life-impacting health problems earlier than in the past, which results in less healthy years.

13 years of suffering from chronic disease or other issues related to poor health and mobility. 13 years!! I have children younger than that...imagine if I suffered with a subpar, non-active existence for that period of time. Imagine you have young grandchildren and you can't move well enough to bathe in the joy that they should be bringing to your life. I don't want to live longer just to suffer longer.

The good news is that there are things that you can do about it. You can actually change your future. No, this is not some metaverse ploy...this is actual science and I am a scientist. You can actually do things today that will increase your healthspan. Remember, that is the time that you are living free of chronic disease and age related deficits and enjoying your life. Even if you have chronic disease, you can still benefit from some lifestyle discipline and improve your healthspan.

Identifying the most important things you can do to remain well is something that is very important to me and I want to help anyone who is reading this do the same. There are five things in general that will help you increase your healthspan.

  1. Exercise

  2. Eath Healthy

  3. Don't smoke

  4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

  5. Limit Alcohol Intake

Sounds simple but fully taking advantage of these recommendations requires a higher level of knowledge. And I want to continue to provide that for you. So, please stay tuned for more free information here and also look for a new program we are developing to help those that are 50+ lay the foundation for a better healthspan, a customized program for your individual life and future life.

Be well and Do good!

In the meantime, if you have any concerns already about the way you are living...balance problems, pain, movement disorders, weakness, please visit our webpage for free booklets filled with our best advice.


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