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  • Joel J. Digris, Owner, Aciehieva Rehab

Share? Nope!! Be selfish with your Physical Therapist!

Sharing is generally a great personal and social policy to adhere to as a child or an adult. Everyone knows that and everyone has been taught that at some point.

I'm pleading with you to not share your Physical Therapist. Don't let your family member share their Physical Therapist. Don't let your friends share their Physical Therapist with other patients during their valuable treatment time. Sharing is a terrible idea!

Keeping your therapist engaged with you and only you for your entire treatment session is so valuable to you as a patient, that you must not allow them to lend their expertise to anyone else during your sessions. In my opinion, there are many factors that lead to amazing results in therapy, but, the single most important factor in achieving excellent results is having a therapist all to yourself. Seeing every repetition of your exercises, being able to discuss every little aspect of your case, providing feedback constantly during your treatments only comes when a therapist is completely locked in with a patient.

One-on-one physical therapy sessions don't often happen...most settings rarely have the ability to provide a one to one therapist to patient experience for every visit. Hospitals, outpatient facilities, inpatient rehab facilities, nursing homes...not likely to happen in those settings.

If you can find a great therapist or group that provides one-on-one sessions with no outside influences, that situation is very likely to give you your best opportunity to meet your goals in your time of need. Regardless of your reason for functional decline, be selfish with your physical therapist until you meet your goals. Then, share them with anyone who has a need!

At Achieva Rehab, we bring a mentality of intensive, one-on-one therapy sessions for 60 undistracted minutes right to your doorstep. Our results and reviews speak for themselves. Tell your doctor about us, share our program with your friends, and keep us for yourself if and when you need physical therapy.

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