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Can Nutrition Make A BIG Difference for People with Parkinson's Disease...Part 2

So, if you read part one, you are planning to get hydration more involved in your day because you now know the scientifically proven need for water to be flowing like a river throughout your body. Great job!

Now on to the more global, generalized part of this series. I've touched on this in prior blogs but if you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, I want you to look around for a club and perhaps a pelt from a sabertooth tiger as your significant other squats down to start a fire to cook your newly caught "lunch." Yes, I want you to eat like a caveman!

You see, 200k years ago (and even today in modern primitive tribes such as the Hadza in Tanzania), mankind existed on a diet of pure nature, organic foods. Heck, the term organic is floated around so much these days but it just basically means that it is pure food from the earth. They at wild lean meats, fish, green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, and honey. This diet had a perfectly balanced ratio of good essential fatty acids (Omega 3) to bad (Omega 6) to which the human body is best calibrated.

So what? Well, if you look at the research, these tribes don't have obesity, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's. And they don't have Parkinson's Disease! Contrast that with the "American" diet which is generally filled with Omega 6 Fatty Acids, which is pro-inflammatory, meaning it makes any boo-boo that you have anywhere inside or outside of your body more hurty! Sugar, food additives, carbohydrates, processed foods, vegetable oils...these foods are cheap and the opposite of the fuel that your body needs...they are damaging to your cells.

As we go along in this series ( I don't know how long it will be btw...a lot to say!), the general diet patterns noted above will be broken down into smaller bites..punny! The bottom line is that I want you to learn all the tricks to fighting PD and living a vibrant life even in the face of this daunting diagnosis.

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Be good!


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