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  • Joel J. Digris

We Hear You...Just Like We Hear This Song...

Physical Therapy...not one of the most well-understood professions in healthcare. The majority of people have gone to a family doctor..they know what to expect. Most people have had personal experience or have had family or friends who have needed an orthopedic doctor...they know what goes on there. Obstetrician...enough said...we've all been born. Neurologist, Gastroenterologist, Podiatrist, Dermatologist, Nurse...all very well understood and you know what you are getting with each of them. At least to a degree that doesn't cause a host of questions to arise.

But, what does a Physical Therapist actually do? Most people see a crowded gym where someone has some sort of rubber band around their leg laying on a table or someone walking on a treadmill with a Crest-approved smile for the promo picture with the PT standing at their side attentively. Cookie-cutter PT is NOT PT!

How do I see our brand of Physical Therapy at Achieva Rehab? Perhaps I can make you understand by listening to this song. The people that we work with are, in one form or another are crying out, and we are responding to their call for "Help".

You see, our brand of Physical Therapy at Achieva Rehab "helps" people who are struggling to remain active and independent. We "help" them improve their balance so they don't have to worry about falling. We "help" them get rid of their dizziness or vertigo so they aren't petrified by the thought of that feeling running their lives. We "help" them get strong enough to be independent and active in their own homes when they think they are too old to get better because someone told them the very same thing...they are too old. We "help" people who are suffering with Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis gain the confidence to get back out to dinner with family or out for a simple walk without the fear of embarrassment or freezing and not being able to walk safely.

We "help" people! Plain and simple. So, the next time you are skeptical about physical therapy because you just don't know what physical therapy is or you don't know anyone who had physical therapy, just know that Achieva Rehabilitation is here to "help" you live the life that you want to live. Whether you are struggling with pain, dizziness, vertigo, poor balance, musculoskeletal problems, post surgical needs from joint replacement, or neurological conditions that affect your independence...we've got a toolbox that helps build long-lasting results so you can be happy!

"Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody". That's right...not just anybody! Achieva Rehab...we will "help" you if you find yourself identifiying with people we talked about above.


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