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Fall Prevention Month is Every Month @ Achieva Rehab!

In honor of Fall Prevention Month, I wanted to share this information with you hoping to reach as many people as possible on my personal and professional campaign to stop falling in the senior population and prevent unnecessary suffering and loss of quality of life.

Disclaimer: It is not officially “Fall Prevention Month” but at Achieva Rehab, EVERY month is “Fall Prevention Month!”

One out of every four older adults (65+) will suffer a fall each year. Every second of EVERY day, an older adult suffers a fall in the United States. In June of 2022, Congress actually started to take action and fund grants to support fall reduction causes across the United States. I’m sure that budget is far less than other department or foreign money allocations but it is something.

I see older adults as treasures and they need education to really understand that they don’t have to just give up and live with feeling wobbly and scared that they will fall. They don’t have to live with being afraid to go outside or in the community with their family or friends to dinner or grocery shopping. Too many older adults have been told that poor balance is a natural part of aging. That is completely false…there is nothing natural about failing balance.

Click HERE to watch my Balance and Falls Workshop for FREE! It's filled with education about your balance and what you can do about it. And YES! Balance can improve no matter how "old" you are!!

Balance is quite complicated but there are generally some really simple reasons why older people have balance problems versus their younger counterparts. Since I believe heavily in education, I hope you will take a deeper look at all that we have to offer on our webpage that will help you understand more about balance problems.

In the end, if we can reduce the number of falls each year by just 1%, we can stop 30,000 falls a year in older adults. If we can reduce the number of falls by just 10%, we can stop 300,000 of our dear older citizens from experiencing the pain and suffering and quality of life diminishment from a fall.

Education is where that starts. The smartest people on earth can always get smarter. So, whether you are a person who is concerned about poor balance or you are a caregiver or family member of someone losing their balance or even a doctor who deals with older people, I invite you to learn why I think we can make a dent in those horrific numbers if we just started educating and working on exercises the minute there is a change in stability with increased fall risk.



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